Boy Meets Boy


Author:  David Levithan

Title:  Boy Meets Boy

Genre:  GLBTQ, YA Fiction

Publication Date:  2003

Number of Pages:  182

Geographical Setting:  Small town suburbia

Time Period:  Present Day

Series (If applicable):  N/A

Plot Summary:  Boy Meets Boy is a refreshing antidote to those disturbed by the recent rash of bullying and anti-gay sentiment. In a town that is a little too good to be true, high school sophomore Paul is surrounded by a close-knit group of friends, a supportive family, and a community where the gay-straight alliance is more powerful than the PTA. He feels that something is missing—until he meets Noah. They have an instant connection, and Paul is delighted that he has met someone special. Things start to unravel, however, and little bits of Paul’s perfect life begin to fall apart, when his best friend stops speaking to him, another friend is punished by his fundamentalist family, and an ex comes out of the woodwork. Levithan’s prose is stylistic and teen friendly without relying heavily on jargon, and the story reveals itself in a smooth, conversational tone. Boy Meets Boy is a classic teen love story turned on its ear, and is charming enough to be enjoyed by readers young, old, gay, or straight.

Subject Headings:

Gay Teenagers, Teenage Boys, Infatuation in Teenage Boys, Interpersonal Relations, Teenage Boys, Teenage Romance.

Appeal:  character centered, strong secondary characters, witty, funny, upbeat, engaging, offbeat, GLBTQ, romantic, stylistic, compelling, whimsical, insightful, refreshing

3 appeal terms that best describe this book:  witty, engaging, offbeat

Similar Authors and Works (why are they similar?):

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

Free Your Mind: The Book for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth and Their Allies—Ellen Bass:  This book provides first-hand accounts and advice for young men and women who identify as gay, lesbian, and bisexual. The real world is not as accepting as the world in Boy Meets Boy, so this title attempts to offer support.

Always My Child: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, or Questioning Son or Daughter—Kevin Jennings:  In the book, Tony’s parents are not accepting of his homosexuality. This title helps parents deal when their child isn’t straight.

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Music, Youth Culture, and Social Crisis—Ryan Moore:  Music plays an important role in Boy Meets Boy. This volume explores the way music influences teen culture, and how it plays an important role in shaping identity.

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

Weetzie Bat—Francesca Lia Block:  Like Boy Meets Boy, Weetzie Bat follows the journey of two young people in love, and the adopted family that they surround themselves with. It also takes place in an idealized, fairy tale-like world.

Keeping You a Secret—Julie Anne Peters:  An emotional GLBTQ teen love story, this time from the female perspective.

Going Bovine—Libba Bray: A boy fighting mad cow disease takes the road trip of a lifetime and meets some colorful characters along the way. This novel is also about a young man’s coming of age, set in surreal surroundings and populated with outrageous people.

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