Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond Gender


Author: Nick Krieger

Title: Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond Gender

Genre: Memoir, GLBTQ

Publication Date: May 2011

Number of Pages: 202

Geographical Setting: San Francisco, California

Time Period: Present

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: In this insightful memoir, Nick tells the story of how he discovered his gender identity did not align with his biological sex and the transition he went through. Nina feels like an out-of-place lesbian but as she learns about gender fluidity and the transgender subculture, she realizes she identifies as a man. The book explores what being transgender means in relation to dating, friendship, and family.  The memoir is humorous, extremely honest, and heartwarming as issues of love and acceptance are explored from a trans man’s perspective.

Subject Headings: Transsexuals — San Francisco, California — Biography, Sexual minorities — San Francisco, California — Biography, Identity (Psychology), Sex role, Transgender persons, Female-to-male transsexuals

Appeal: easy, introspective, quirky, character-centered, complex, steamy, thought-provoking, insightful, contemporary, details of transitioning, humorous, graceful, unpretentious

3 appeal terms that best describe this book: character-centered, insightful, and thought-provoking

Relevant Nonfiction Works and Authors:

The first man-made man: the story of two sexes ,one love affair, and a twentieth-century medical revolution, by Pagan Kennedy.

Readers interested in more stories about being female-to-male transgender might enjoy the story of Laura Dillon. The book explores the medical ramifications of transitioning in the middle of the 19th century as well as the social journey. It is denser but explores the details of physically transitioning in more depth.

Valencia, by Michelle Tea

Readers who enjoyed the detail of being a part of an LGBT subculture in San Francisco may also enjoy Tea’s memoir about the lesbian culture there. Tea’s writing is also straightforward and honest, and definitely maintains a humorous tone throughout just like Kieger.

She’s not the man I married: my life with a transgender husband, by Helen Boyd.

A portion of Nick’s book describes his first romantic relationship while transitioning. Boyd’s book is told from the perspective of the wife of a transgender person. This is actually the second memoir Boyd has written on the subject, and it offers a more humorous look at her life with her male-to-female partner, as well as insights to how her sexuality has changed as a result.

Relevant Fiction Works and Authors:

I am J, by Cris Beam

Beam’s book is a popular exploration of one teenager’s realization they were born in the wrong body. J is biologically a girl but feels intrinsically like a boy. The coming-of-age tale explores methods of transitioning J undergoes as well as his first romantic interest. The book is also character-driven and studies interpersonal dynamics between characters.

Written on the Body, by Jeannette Winterson

A complex book about a narrator given neither a name nor gender, and their consuming love affair with a married woman. Readers who are interested in reading more fluid interpretations of gender might want to read this classic story.

Jumpstart the world, by Catherine Ryan Hyde

A teenager falls in love with her next-door-neighbor only to realize he is actually a trans man, leading her on an emotional journey of acceptance. People who are interested in learning more from the perspective of family and friends of trans men might like this engaging novel and the poignant journey it creates.

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