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Comfort & Joy

June 24, 2009

Author: Jim Grimsley

Title: Comfort & Joy

Genre: Gay Fiction & Holiday Fiction

Publication Date: 1999

Number of Pages: 302

Geographical Setting: North Carolina & Georgia

Time Period: Present Day

Series: Preceded by Winter Birds (1994)

Plot Summary: Ford comes from old Savannah money, and Danny from a trailer in the backwoods of North Carolina. As the holidays roll around, the reader is invited into flashbacks of the development of Ford and Danny’s cautious relationship. The holidays, of course, bring requisite visits to extended family. This story is just as much about class issues as it is about gay issues. Together, they explore the backwoods of North Carolina, complete with an account of Danny’s troubled life. Ford musters up the courage to take Danny to his ritzy family. Needless to say, the only comfort and joy that Ford and Danny find is within each other.

Subject Headings: Gay men – Fiction, Holiday – Fiction, Coming out – Fiction,
Family issues – Fiction, Class issues – Fiction, Interclass Romance,

Appeal: Conversational, Southern, Gay, Dark, Light, Perseverance, Melancholy, Class issues, Relationship-centered, Survival, Comforting, Relatable

Three terms that best describe this book: Southern, family-centered, gay issues

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Relevant Nonfiction: Straight Parents, Gay Children by Robert A. Bernstein (gay men & women, parents, coming out)
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Stephen K.