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Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

February 24, 2009

Title: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Author: Doctorow, Cory

Publication Date: 2003

Number of Pages: 208

Genre: Science Fiction

Geographical Setting: Walt Disney World, Florida

Time Period: Distant Future

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: In the “Bitchun” society in the distant future, Jules lives in a world without death or money and individuals have back up files or clones of their lives ready at a moment’s notice. To escape the new reality in which he finds himself and hoping to recall a simpler time, Jules retreats to the Magic Kingdom amusement park in Walt Disney World, Florida where he works as a cast member at the infamous Haunted Mansion attraction. When Jules is “murdered” by those who want to seize control of the Haunted Mansion and other Liberty Square attractions, including the Hall of Presidents, Jules sets out to find his murderer and protect that which he holds most dear.  What Jules discovers is a new group of cast members who want to replace the current animatronics in the Hall of Presidents with virtual reality simulations or “direct-to-brain” interfaces that allow guests the ability to believe that they are one of the former United States Presidents, forever changing the guest’s experience.  The pressure mounts as this discovery leads Jules to fear that his beloved Haunted Mansion will soon fall prey to the same “direct-to-brain” simulations. With his fellow “ad-hocs,” those working to preserve the Magic Kingdom, Jules sets out to protect the Mansion at all costs, even his sanity.  

Subject Headings: Immortalism; Immortality; Twenty-first century; Clones and cloning; Virtual Reality; Amusement Parks; Amusement Park Rides; Bureaucracy; Dystopias; Disney World, Florida; Florida; Science Fiction, Canadian; Canadian Fiction

Appeal: Easy, fast paced, eccentric characters, quirky, character centered,  sometimes strong language, details about Walt Disney world, details about Walt Disney World rides and attractions,humorous, romantic, psychological, conversational, thoughtful, unusual, unpretentious

 Similar Authors and Works (Fiction): Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson) A humorous account of a  computer hacker as he tries to fight a computer virus that threatens virtual reality and a drug that threatens to turn humans into zombies. Ubik (Philip K. Dick) a dystopian account of Joe Chip’s journey to understand his existence, all the while receiving warnings from beyond the grave. Perfect Circle (Sean Stewart) a man with the ability to see dead people gets an odd  request from a distant cousin, which quickly becomes more than he bargained for.

 Similar Authors and Works (Non-Fiction): For those who are unfamiliar with Walt Disney World, try The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2009 (Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa) for details about the Magic Kingdom rides and attractions. A Clone of Your Own?: The Science and Ethics of Cloning (Arlene Judith Klotzko) discusses therapeutic and human cloning, including the ethical and legal debate. Lastly, Merchants of Immortality (Stephen S. Hall) examines the biotechnology of cloning and the new discovers in human life extension. 

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