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The Hungry Ocean

May 26, 2010

Author:  Linda Greenlaw

Title:  The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain’s Journey

Genre: Adventure/Non-fiction

Publication Date: 1999

Number of pages:  265

Geographical Setting:  Gloucester, MA and Northern Atlantic Ocean

Time Period: 1996

Series: N/A

Plot Summary:  This book is an autobiographical account of a 30 day commercial swordfishing trip in the North Atlantic Ocean by Captain Linda Greenlaw of the Hannah Boden, sister ship of the Andrea Gail which was immortalized in Sebastian Junger’s novel The Perfect Storm.  With humor and simplicity, Greenlaw, at the time the only female swordboat captain in the US, takes the reader through the entire journey from preparing for the voyage (groceries $3,500) to the selling of the swordfish ($2.61 per lb.) to the net pay made by the crew ($5,484.84).  This is not a tragic story, like The Perfect Storm, but the journey is filled with adventure and peril such as violent squalls and gales, sick crew members, subterfuge and politics between sea captains, and sharks.  In her story, Greenlaw, in great detail, portrays her crew and their relationship with each other and her.  Another topic visited many times throughout the book is Greenlaw’s gender and the impact it has on her career as a “fisherman” and captain.  After every chapter, a “mug-ups” or a short chapter with fishing information, biographies, or anecdotal fishing stories is included.  She ends with an epilogue which follows up on her crew members, an itemize account of the Hannah Boden’s expense, and a map of their journey.

Subject Headings: Non-fiction, Adventure, Autobiographies, Deep Sea Fishing, Female Fishing Captains, Gender Roles and Identity, Interpersonal Relationships, Fishing Laws, the Culture of Fishing and Fishermen,

Appeal:  Compelling, Candid, Informative, Violent, Details of Deep Sea Fishing, Colorful, Earthy, Exciting, Character Oriented, Action Oriented, Layered, Vivid

3 terms that best describes this book:  Informative, Engrossing, Entertaining,

Similar Authors and Works


The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea by Sebastian Junger  – A biography of the Andrea Gail and her crew on a commercial swordfishing trip in the North Atlantic Ocean during a violent and “perfect” storm.  Along with sharing the setting and premise, the book also is rich with detail and well researched.

The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Ocean by Andrew Byatt – A reference resource for information on the ocean environment.  Special focus is given to the animal life found in the various different climates in the ocean.

Seafaring Women: An Untold Maritime History by David Cordingly – This title looks at 300 years of female maritime history.  The author uncovers women pirates, captains, seafarers, and explorers in this male dominate area.


Moby Dick by Herman Melville – Based off of actual events, Moby Dick is an adventure story of a whaling captain obsessed with killing the white whale which attack his ship and bit off his leg.

Crazy in the Cockpit by Randy Blume – This is a story of a woman in the male dominated field of aviation.  A story of fiction, author Blume is also a female pilot who tells of the discrimination and harassment women suffered from men in this career.

Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler – Book 15 of the Dirk Pitts Adventure, an adventure series frequently involving the sea.  U.S. National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) Special Projects Director Dirk Pitts must save the world from an army of evil who are attempting to flood the world.

Name:  Summer