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Treasure Hunt by John Lescroart

February 23, 2010

Title: Treasure Hunt

Author: John Lescroart

Publication Date: 2010

Number of Pages: 354

Genre: Thriller

Geographical Setting: San Francisco, California

Time Period: Present Day

Series: Wyatt Hunt

Plot Summary: Wyatt Hunt’s detective agency is in a slump.  Just as he’s considering closing the doors, his only employee Mickey Dade stumbles across the body of Dominic Como, the head of a network of social service agencies with a $50 million budget.

Mickey envisions a scenario where Hunt’s agency would act as a clearinghouse for tips to be filtered to the police, partly to prove the innocence of Alicia Thorpe, the sister of his culinary school friend. As the investigation moves forward, the sinister side of philanthropy produces several motives and suspects as does the romantic entanglements and resulting jealousies.

Mickey’s sister and grandfather join Dade and Hunt in their search for the killer and each struggles to figure out who they can believe. The police have one theory, Dade has another and Hunt wonders whether other recent events have skewed his ability to trust.   The tension thickens as more killings occur and people close to the investigation disappear.

Subject Headings: Murder, Philanthropists, Detectives, Men – Friendship, Suspicion, Hunt, Wyatt; Murder investigation, San Francisco, California; Mystery stories, American; Legal thrillers.

Appeal Terms: fast-paced, compelling, engaging, lifelike, multiple points of view, realistic, strong secondary, well-developed, contemporary, details of San Francisco, urban, suspenseful, colorful, conversational, descriptive, smart, well-crafted, well-researched, character-centered, complex, layered, plot-centered, plot twists.

Three terms that best describe this book: fast-paced, well-developed, plot twists.

Relevant Fiction Works and Authors:

Courting disaster: an Angie Amalfi mystery by Joanne Pence is part of a series featuring food writer and chef Angie Amalfi.  In this book she’s about to celebrate her engagement to a San Francisco homicide detective when she becomes involved in an investigation of several murders, including that of a local philanthropist. Selected because it has several similar components, including a character who is a chef and a murder victim who is a local philanthropist.

Sacrifice by Clyde Phillips is part of a series of Jane Candiotti mysteries.  This book see Candiotti, a homicide lieutenant, investigating the murder of a beloved, local philanthropist. Selected because it is a mystery that involves the murder of a local philanthropist.

Sweet poison: A Jack Donne Mystery by William Relling is one of a series of Jack Donne mysteries.  This one is set in Southern California and features retired ATF investigator Jack Donne who now mans his own detective agency.  While an obnoxious food critic, whom he is protecting, alienates everyone around him, someone else is murdered. Selected because it is a series and features a private investigator

On This Rockne: A Notre Dame Mystery by Ralph M. McInerny.  This book introduces brothers Philip, a private investigator and Roger, a philosophy professor as they investigate the death of a Notre Dame trustee on the heels of the offer of a $10 million donation. Selected because of the similar story line and the precise setting at Notre Dame, which would create a sense of place, just like Treasure Hunt did with San Francisco.

Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors:

Break and Chocolate: My Food Life in and Around San Franciso by Fran Gage is combination memoirs/recipes/advice/introspection. Chosen to further the interests of food/cooking and the location of San Francisco.

San Francisco: a cultural and literary history by Mick Sinclair.  Although Sinclair is known as a travel writer, this book focuses more on the history, including the culture, ethnic diversity, neighborhoods and cultural movements.  Chosen to further explain some of San Francisco’s appeal.

Philanthrocapitalism: how the rich can save the world, and why we should let them by Matthew Bishop and Michael F. Green describes the way today’s wealthiest citizens are contributing to social change. Chosen because it offers insight into today’s philanthropy efforts.

Kitchen confidential: adventures in the culinary underbelly by Anthony Bourdain is a memoir of his restaurant years. Chosen because of the insight into the world of restaurants and chefs.

The apprentice: my life in the kitchen by Jacques Pepin is a memoir that spans his childhood in his mother’s French restaurant to his current fame as a chef and author. Chosen because it follows the career of a world renowned chef, including his early interest and his training.