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Rivers West

February 17, 2010

Author:   Louis L’Amour

Genre:     Western/Historical Fiction

Publication Date: 1975

Number of Pages:  151

Geographical Setting:  The West

Time Period:  1820s

Series: No

Plot Summary: Jean Daniel Talon is a Canadian boat builder who decides to travel west to Pittsburgh to carry out his dream of building steamboats.  Along the way he meets a variety of interesting characters who become his travelling companions. Among them is Jambe-de-Bois, a sailor with a wooden leg, the evil  Baron Torville,whose mission is to takeover the Louisiana Territory and the young and beautiful Tabitha Majoribanks who is going West in search of her brother Charles, who she fears may have been kidnapped byBaron Torville.

Subject Headings: French-Canadians in the United States, The West (United States) Western Stories, Frontier and pioneer life.

Appeal: action-oriented, character centered, dramatic, fast-paced, historical detals, resolved ending.

3 Terms that best describe this book: action oriented, authentic, engaging.

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors:

Cloudy in the West by Elmer Kelton. A coming of age story about  twelve year old Joey Shipman who is on the run from both the law and his murderous stepmother after inheriting the family farm upon the death of his father.

The Man from Laramie by Max Brand. The town of Coronado, New Mexico is eager for Will Lockhart to leave but he has traveled a thousand miles to find the gunrunner who killed his younger brother.

The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman. Joe Leaphorn is brought out of retirement to deal with an old crime  involving an obsessive love and memories of a missing woman.

3 Relevant Nonfiction Works and Authors:

The Way to the West: Essays on the Central Plains by Elliot West.  A history of the migration of the Cheyenne Indians and Anglo pioneers, together with the relationship between the people and the environment.

American Confluence: The Missouri Frontier from Borderland to Border State (A History ofo the Trans-Appalachian Frontier). This book focuses on the country’s three primary rivers, Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri, as well as the diverse people who inhabited the land between 1600 and 1860.

Our Hearts Fell to the Ground: Plains Indians Views On How the West Was Lost by Colin Calloway. An anthology chronicling the Plains Indians’ struggle to maintain their traditional way of life in the changing world of the nineteenth century.

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