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July 16, 2012

   Author:  Louis L’Amour

   Title:  Lonigan

   Genre:  Western, Short Stories

   Publication Date:  1988

   Number of Pages: 177

   Geographical Setting:  The West (United States)

    Time Period:  Old West (late 19th century)

Series:  n/a

Plot Summary:  This book contains six separate short stories about the Wild West.  Each centers around one character as they come up against challenges and strive to do what is right according to the way of the West.  It features pioneer life, ranches and outlaws.

Subject Headings:  Frontier and pioneer life – The West (United States), Outlaws, Ranches, Gunfights.

Appeal:  fast paced, adventurous, sentimental, romantic, dangerous, historical details, detailed setting, rural, gritty, menacing atmosphere, strong secondary characters, flawed characters, criminal behavior, justice.

3 appeal terms that best describe this book:  adventurous, rural, ranches.

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors:

Growing up western: recollections edited by Clarus Backes.  Seven old writers of the West reminisce about their growing-up years, how their rural upbringings shaped their lives.  Growing up western will appeal to readers who want to learn first-hand how living in the Wild West was in the early 20th century.

Historic ranches of the Old West by Bill O’Neal.  A number of ranch headquarters still serve their original function; others are museums or guest ranches.  This book offers a visit back to a romantic and fascinating era.

The Real Wild West: The 101 Ranch and the Creation of the American West by Michael Willis.  This book chronicles the history of the 101 Ranch and discusses how the ranch’s traveling show embodied the spirit of the American frontier.  The book will appear to readers who want to learn about a ranch life.  This features a ranch in Oklahoma.

 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors (why they are similar):

Best stories of the American West, vol. 1 edited by Marc Jaffe- This book features contemporary short stories set in the American West.  Like Lonigan, Best Stories of the American West is full of over twenty stories, featuring the pioneering life, relationships and adventure.

Ghost brand of the wishbones: a western trio by Peter Dawson.  This book contains a trio of short stories set against the backdrop of the Old West.  It features a story about an elderly lawman, a range war and a robbery of an entire cattle train.  This book features fast paced adventure about pioneer life.

On dangerous ground: stories of western noir edited by Ed Gorman  This book features short stories that are character driven but in a more bleak, moody atmosphere.  Like Lonigan, this book features short stories of the Wild West, looking at the dark tones of living out in the elements.

Name:  Olivia Button

The Ridgerunner

September 30, 2009

Author:  Ray Hogan

Title:  The Ridgerunner

Genre:  Western

Publication Date:  1960, 2009

Number of Pages:  183

Geographical Setting:  Western United States

Time Period:  The Old West

Series (If applicable): NA

Plot Summary:  John Locke is heading to Wyoming to get a job as a ramrod at the Walking W ranch.  He decides to stop in and visit his old hometown of Three Forks and his foster brothers Starr and Bert Whitcomb and also his old love Sally Dean.  Sally and Bert were to be married when John left Three Forks, but John still had some old feelings for her.  All is not the same in Three Forks when John arrives.  He is quickly arrested for what the marshal thinks is his involvement in a robbery and murder on this morning’s stage coach.  John is surprised to find Starr and Bert are the main suspects and he does not believe it.  He escapes from jail to find his brothers and find out just what has happened to them and prove their innocence.

Subject Headings: Western Stories, Outlaws – The West (United States), Gunfighters, Large Type Books

Appeal:  Fast-paced page turner with suspenseful story.  The main character is a man of integrity with a clear sense of right and wrong.  The story is told from the point of view of the main character.  The dialogue is simple and fun and reminiscent of the Old West.  There are some great shoot-outs and the story is resolved in the end.

3 Terms that best describes this book:  Quick, Western, Justice

Similar Authors and Works (why are they similar?):

3 Non-fiction Works – True stories of the Old West which is when  the book took place.

Ridgerunner: Elusive Loner of the Wilderness by Richard Ripley

Wanted!: Wanted Posters of the Old West by Martin J. Kidston

True Tales and Amazing Legends of the Old West: From True West Magazine by Editors of True West magazine

3 Fiction Works – Stories with heroes that have integrity and a clear sense of right and wrong.

The Shopkeeper by James D. Best

Walk Proud, Stand Tall by Johnny D. Boggs

The Last Way Station by Kent Conwell

Name: Chris S.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

April 15, 2009

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Title: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Genre: Latin American/Colombian fiction, literary fiction
Publication Date: 1981, 1982 (translation)
Geographic Setting:Colombia
Time Period: Modern; Early 20th Century
Series: N/A
A man returns to the town that a brutal murder occurred 27 years earlier in order to get to the bottom of it. If everyone knew Angela Vicario’s twin brothers were going to murder Santiago Nasar for dishonoring her, why did no one stop it? The more the story unfolds, the less is understood and at the end not only are the two murderers put on trial, but also the entire society.
Subject HeadingsDeath–Fiction; Honor–Fiction; Murder–Fiction; Revenge–Fiction; Colombia–Fiction
Appeal Terms:first person narrative, honor, revenge, murder, depictions of Colombian life, male/female relations, family relations, culture clashes, marriage, Colombian society, violence, flashbacks, violence, justice
Red Flags: violence against women, graphic murder, blood and guts, strong language
Read Alikes:
A tale of the dispossessed by Laura Restrepo: (depictions of Colombian life, violence, male/female relations, Colombian society)
The Thief and the Dogs by Naguib Mahfouz: (violence, murder, justice, revenge)
Hamlet by William Shakespeare: (revenge, murder, family relations, justice)
Columbia by Sarah Woods: A Bradt travel guide about the people and culture of Colombia.
Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw by Mark Bowden: The rise and fall of real life Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar and how his network of terror kept the entire country hostage.
Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family by Karen Tintori: “But Josie had a sister that nobody spoke of. Her name was Frances, and at age sixteen, she fell in love with a young barber. Her father wanted her to marry an older don in the neighborhood mafia–a marriage that would give his sons a leg up in the mob. But Frances eloped with her barber. And when she returned a married woman, her father and brothers killed her for it. Her family then erased her from its collective memory. Even 80 years and two generations later, Frances and her death were not spoken of, her name was erased from the family genealogy, her pictures burned, and her memory suppressed.”
Name: Michelle B