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Naked In Death

February 24, 2010

Author: J.D. Robb

Title: Naked in Death

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: 1995

Geographical Setting: New York

Time Period: Mid Twenty-first century

Series: Eve Dallas 1

Plot Summary: Eve Dallas is a New York Police Lieutenant in the twenty-first century with a haunting past. Guns have been banned, although they have become collctor items, and prostituion has been made legal.  Eve is surprised when she is called to a murder scene of a prostitute to discover the killer used a gun. It is a brutal murder and the killer sends a video of the scene to Eve’s home, which is a concern as to how the killer knows where she lives. The killer leaves a piece of paper hidden under the corpose which says “One of Six.” Before Eve has a chance to find the killer two more prostitutes are found murdered in the same way. One of the suspects is a billionaire named Roarke, who also has a past he is trying to redefine. Both Eve and Roarke are dealing with parental trauma and an immediate attraction sparks between them. With Roarke as a suspect Eve is walking a fine line with her superiors.  However, Roarke has connections with people in power and is able to assist Eve in finding information on a high powered senator who Eve believes is the killer. There are plot twists, intrique and steamy romance in this fast paced novel.

Subject Headings: Women detectives – New York City, Dallas, Eve, Women murder victims, Twenty-first century, Romantic suspense stories – American, Futuristic romances.

Appeal: Action-oriented, fast paced, character centered, investigative, compelling, edgy, urban, engrossing, sexually explicity, futuristic, dramatic, intriquing.

3 Terms Best Describe this book:  Edgy, suspenseful, character centered.

Similar Works/Authors:


Guilty Pleasures: by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake raises the dead for a living and lives in a world where vampires and werewolves are legal in the United States. There is a connection between Anita Blake and Eve Dallas, they both have powerful men in their lives for support and both are dealing with painfull family memories.

The Admiral’s Bride: by Suzanne Brockmann. (Number 6 in the Tall Dard and Dangerous series).

Admiral Jake Robinson and Dr. Zoe Lange pose as husband and wife to help retrieve a deadly nerve agent that  has been stolen by a group of religious fanatics from a military testing base.  The plan is working well until Jake really falls in love with Zoe. Like Naked in Death this book is a fast paced romantic suspense novel.

Hunting Fear: by Kay Hooper (First in the Fear Trilogy).

Samantha Burke is a fortune teller with a travelling circus and Lucas Jordan is with the FBI’s special crimes unit. Together they search for a serial kidnapper using their psychic talents. Publishers Weekly Review rated this as a “solid entry in the annals of paranormal crime-solving.”


Murder in Spokane: catching a serial killer: by Mark Fuhrman.

The opening lines of this books grips the reader’s attention just as Naked in Death does. Fuhrman recounts the story of a serial killer who is preying on prostitutes in Spokane. Fuhrman, a true crime writer and ex cop, is well known for his role as the Los Angeles detective in the Nicole Simpson murder.

The Next 100 Years: A Forecast of the 21st Century: by George Friedman.

Friedman is the CEO of STRATFOR, a private intelligence and forecasting company. When he is describing the space war between Japan and Turkey on side and the United States and the allies on the other side, it reads more like a science fiction novel. This war, according to Friedman, is due to begin on Thanksgiving Day 2050.

The Devil in the White City: murder, magic, and madness at the fair that changed America: by Eric Larson.

This account of the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 tells the story of the two men who played a vital, but different role, in this event. Architect Daniel Burnham and serial killer Herman Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes. The story goes between Burnham’s construction of the fair and Holmes’s  murderous spree of killing women.

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