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July 24, 2012


Author: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Title: Brimstone

Genre: Suspense

Publication Date: 2005

Number of Pages: 752

Geographical Setting: Italy

Time Period: Modern Era

Series: Part One of the Diogenes Trilogy

Plot Summary: This story follows Agent Pendergast in one of his most puzzling and foreboding cases where it seems a murder victim may have entered into a “Faustic” pact with the devil leaving only smoldering remains along with hoof prints singed into the floor. Pendergast knows that everything points to the super-natural, but he is not so sure.
This story is definitely a mind blowing adventure that is face paced, yet filled with twists and turns. Follow Agent Pendergast is his thrilling quest to find out if there truly was a pact with the devil or a man who might be the devil himself. This is the first book in the Diogenes Trilogy.

Subject Headings: Italy – Fiction; Mystery — Fiction; Serial Murders– Fiction; Super-Natural – Fiction; Suspense – Fiction

Appeal: Super-natural, Psychological, Thrilling, Action, Adventure, Dangerous, Dark, Creepy, Suspenseful, investigative, Serial murder, Cerebral, Fast-paced

Three appeal terms: Super-Natural, Psychological, Suspenseful

Three read-alikes:

Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
This story is a psychological suspense-thriller. It follows Alex Cross as he tries to outsmart a psychopathic serial kidnapper and murderer who terrorize government agencies. Twists and turns abound in this gripping story.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
Lisbeth Salander is a computer hacker who does background investigations when she gets mixed up with financial journalist Carl Mikael Blomkvist who has just been convicted of libeling a financier. Lisbeth is not opposed to her own interesting forms of retribution against those who harm her. She helps Carl unravel the sick mystery behind a missing girl where twists and turns abound. This book also deals with violence against women and psychological trauma. This is the first book in the Millennium Series.

The Suicide Effect by L.J. Sellers
Sula works at Prolab, a company that develops drugs. When she overhears the shocking truth behind a drug being developed by her company she is indecisive about what to do. The drug’s lead scientist disappears, so it’s up to Sula to expose the truth. Many people’s lives are at stake but her CEO is desperate and will do anything to stop her from telling the truth about the new drug.

Three related non-fiction titles:

Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas and Marc Olshaker
This book follows the twenty-five year career of John Douglas with the Investigative Support Unit. This is a true look into some of his most gruesome, dark, and chilling cases.

Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team by George Jonas
This is the true story of five every-day Israelis who are tasked to hunt down and kill the PLO terrorists responsible for the attacks at the Munich Olympics in 1972. A true story filled with suspense and secrets.

Florida Pulp Nonfiction: True crime in the Sunshine State by Bob Norman
Journalist Bob Norman writes about true crimes in Florida. Everything from terrorists, gun-smuggles, drug lords, and off the reservation federal agents. This book is a great read to look into the ugly heart of the sunshine state.

– Charles Ford

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

October 28, 2009

Author:  Jeff Lindsay

Title:  Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Genre: Psychological Suspense

Publication Date:  2004

Number of Pages:  304

Geographical Setting: Miami, Florida

Time Period: Present Day

Series (If Applicable): Dexter, 1

Plot Summary:  Dexter Morgan is a blood-splatter analyst for the Miami police department.  This is a good job for him because Dexter has a secret life that only he and his late foster father Harry knew about.  Inside Dexter is a monster who needs to kill and it is currently controlled by the “Code of Harry” which states that Dexter is only to kill bad guys – not good guys.  This job keeps him close to those bad guys that need to be taken care of.  A killer is on the loose in Miami cutting up women and Dexter starts to relate to the killer and uses his insight to help his sister, Deborah, who is also a cop move from “streetwalker” patrol to homicide.  Dexter understands what makes this guy tick and he begins to admire the killers work.  He struggles to live his life like other normal humans but inside he feels the Dark Passenger demand that he kill again.

Subject Headings:  Serial murderers, Forensic scientists, Psychopathic criminals, Vigilantes,
Murderer-detectives, Adoptees, PolicewomenMiami, Florida, PoliceMiami, Florida,
Brothers and sisters, Father and son, Serial murders, Serial murder investigation, Crime scene searches, Crime laboratories, Mutilation, Secrets, Personal conduct, Men/women relations,
Miami, Florida, Psychological suspense stories

Appeal: Dark, Methodical, Thriller, Horror, Graphic, Mutilation, Ominous, Strange, Twists, Unresolved ending, Series, Chilling, Measured Pacing, First Person Narration, Creepy, Psychological Suspense, Madness, Serial Killers, Disturbing, Page-Turner.

3 Terms that best describe this book: Disturbing, Graphic and Suspenseful

Similar Authors and Works (Why are they similar?):

3 Non-Fiction Works

Inside the Minds of Serial Killers: Why They Kill by Katherine Ramsland – This book details a wide variety of motives for why people become serial killers. It shows that there is not a profile for serial killers.

Serial Killers: The Method and the Madness of Monsters by Peter Vronsky – This book talks about the history of serial killers and documents the psychological, investigative, and cultural aspects of serial murder.

Serial Killers and Mass Murderers: Profiles of the World’s Most Barbaric Criminals by Nigel Cawthorne – This book describes what makes ordinary people turn into killers.  It explores the minds of these people who commit these crimes and why people are so fascinated by them.

3 Fiction Works

Dearly Devoted Dexter: a Novel by Jeff Lindsay – Book 2 in the Dexter series continues the story of the first book.  There is a new serial killer on the loose and Sergeant Drakes is getting more suspicious of Dexter.

Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag – Two boys and a girl stumble on a murder victim of the “See No Evil Killer” who just may turn out to be the father of one of the boys.

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris – Will Graham has the ability to project himself into the minds of psychopathic serial killers.  He is called on to investigate the murders of two suburban families.

Name: Chris S.

The Runner

June 24, 2009

Author: Christopher Reich

Title: The Runner

Genre: Historical fiction- world war two

publication date: 2001

pages: 512

geographical setting: Europe, Paris, France and Berlin, Germany

time period: shortly after World War Two

summary: World War Two has just ended, the victorious sides are struggling role of the post-war world, but underneath this political intrigue an ex-Nazi Olympic athlete, Erich Seyess, is completing one last mission, to turn the Western powers against Russia by assinating a prominent figure. But close in his trail is  New York lawyer Devlin Judge who’s tracking this man down for the Nuremberg trials, but also for the death of his Soldier brother. As he gets closer and closer to finding his man, he finds himself being hunted in return by Seyss and also being hindered along the way by various powers interested in affecting the outcome of power.

subject headings:  historical fiction-world war two, fiction

appeal terms: suspenseful, intriguing, engaging, historic, thriller, entertaining, fictional, engaging, justice, political, European, interesting

three things that describe this book: espionage, politics, hunter/hunted

relevant non-fiction:

Target: Patton by Robert K. Wilcox (conspiracy)

Justice at Nuremburg by Robert E. Conot (War Crimes trial)

Nazi Games by David Clay Large (Politics and Olympics)

relevant fiction:

The spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst (espionage)

The Plot against america by Philip Roth (Alternate history)

The Steel Wave by Jeff Sharra (world war two)

name: Bill Thurston